Innovative Property Insurance Solution

Providing Insurance Portfolio Management, Risk management consulting and software solutions focused on property insurance exposures.

Rate Making Pricing & Product Development

Thru Our Big Data Analytics Platform (BDAP) designing Products and innovating unique solution to match client Risk Management Goals providing smart edge.

Identifying Catastrophic Loss Attributes & Predictions

From natural perils like Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Fire and Floods we also evaluate Man-made Catastrophic events like Cyber Risk and Terrorism.

Who We Serve


We helps governments assess the risks to their citizens and critical infrastructure and develop risk-informed emergency management and hazard mitigation strategies.


Our State of Art Risk Quantification capability allows Non-Government Organisations to improve the resilience at-risk communities by providing the means for risk transfer to capital markets or increase insurance penetration.


Catastrophe modeling insights support assessments for monitoring and preserving the financial solvency and making better informed decisions.

Our Expertise

Cyber Boxer is an innovative insurance portfolio manager and solutions provider offering financial institutions and public agencies to understand, quantify, and manage risk thru our Analytical tools. We help our clients in making risk-informed decision making by estimating potential losses from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes and visualizing the effects of such hazards. Cyber Boxer provides risk management consulting and software solutions focused on property insurance exposures.

A natural disaster is no time to pore over vast quantities of data. Too many questions, not enough time. Exposure Manager solves both problems. A flexible user interface gives you quick access to your clusters of risk and their proximity to key hazard zones, and lets you drill down to key drivers of loss. Customizable analytics let you deliver insights directly to the point of underwriting.

We quantify the impact of missing information on catastrophe loss estimates and identify where efforts to improve data collection will reap the greatest benefits. Auditing exposure data process and procedures and recommend a course of action to achieve improved accuracy.


Blossom's core offerings are across two platforms:



Each offering has a mix of services and technology and is supported by a core technology product.