Last Mile connectivity for Insurers powered by AI

Cyber Boxer AI Solution enables insurers to bridge the last mile by delivering the right insights at the right time. What we mean by “the last mile” is the gap that exists between the work done creating the insight behind the scenes and the user taking action based on that information presented. Things like moving from scoring claims for fraud on a weekly or nightly basis to scoring a new claim upon first notice of loss uptake or re-scoring the claim any time a new piece of information is added to the claim file enabling the user to ultimately take action more quickly.

 In underwriting, the submission is first scored against predictive models in real time for critical areas such as “appetite match,” “broker sincerity,” “projected loss ratio for this class,” and then ranked for underwriting prioritization. The last mile of analytics in this case involves creating a ranking system around the organization to answer questions like “Which risk should I work on next that will be most advantageous for our company?

What does cyber security awareness training cost?

Training costs will vary widely by the providing agency, their criteria, and the number of staff to receive training. Some things included in the costs are course materials, instructor staffing, employee sessions, testing, reporting, and other fully-managed services. Of course, smaller or larger businesses are going to fluctuate the price of the training accordingly, as is the level of training intensity your staff may require to ensure they meet industry regulations.

When it comes to considering the cost of cyber security awareness and response situation training, compare the cost to prevent cyber threats from penetrating your organization rather than the financial impact of a successful cyber attack. This single deposit on the security of your company’s future will pay off in dividends, keeping you from losing countless profits to the criminals who may already be targeting your brand and your customers.

How to manage insider threat !

Your employees are your first and primary line of defense against online crime. That’s where cyber security awareness training comes into play—equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from criminal elements.

Any employee with access to a work-related computer or mobile device should undergo thorough cyber security awareness training. This means pretty much everyone, because anyone with private or officially registered technology can be targeted. Those personal cell phones may still have data on them that can be used to access corporate networks. Or, if the employee falls victim to identity theft, their unique info can be used to create false profiles that link back to your brand, allowing for a wide variety of fraudulent acts.

By bringing cyber security awareness and training to all your employees, you heighten the chances of catching a scam or attack before it is fully enacted, minimizing damage to your brand and reducing the cost of recovery.